18Apr 2014

Yes! It has finally happened!

The Community Health Concern Medical Center in Nyalenda Slum, Kisumu, Kenya, is now fully open and operational. This is a huge feat that could not have been accomplished without all the love, prayers and support that all of you provided, and by the grace of God who has given us favor once again.
The center will offer testing for malaria, typhoid, HIV, and more, as well as offering check-ups for pregnant women and family planning counseling. We are authorized to dispense medications for all the common ailments including HIV, as well as offering child immunizations – key to the community considering the many orphans in the area. Additionally, both home based care and remote medical outreaches will be offered for those who cannot make it to the medical center.9A - NURSE CHECKING MEDICINE SUPPLY

Pastor Jack Mila, Unboxed Lives Kenya Director and Chairman of the Board for Unboxed Lives Africa, has put his heart and soul into making this center come to life. From the first visions of helping those who cannot help themselves to his most recent triumphs in getting the pharmacy and laboratory registered and licensed, Jack has been “all in”.  Through many trials and tribulations, Jack never let God’s vision stray from his focus. This is not to say there weren’t times of ultimate discouragement – there were – but when those few occasions came, the rest of the troops rallied around Jack and encouraged him to continue until this vision became reality.

The fruits of this labor will minister to the neighborhood where the center operates 12 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a doctor on staff, as well as a pharmacist and lab technician so more people can be seen and helped without having to travel anywhere else to get their lab work or medicines. We offer services and medications at a lower than typical cost in order to help more people. Often, those who can afford to visit a clinic can’t afford much more, so they leave without medicine or a needed test. With everything available in one place now and at lower than usual cost, they will never have to leave the health center without knowing what illness might need treatment or without medication to treat it.

Most exciting is the fact that this center and its services will be free to the children living in Unboxed  Lives’ partner orphanages. UBL will cover all the costs for the children’s tests and medicines to insure these most-needy children will receive the medical care they so desperately need. This has been a key piece of the vision Jack was given for this center and we are thrilled to be able to help him achieve this goal.

We are very proud of the accomplishment you have helped us achieve and hope you will share in our joy and excitement over it! We thank God for His ultimate provision and for allowing us the opportunity to serve Him in making His vision come to fruition.
Thank you all for your excellent support and encouragement throughout this long and emotional process.