About Us

A little about us….

UBL is a registered US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of leaders with the desire to serve others through the provisions of God the Father.  We are called to put our faith into action by becoming His hands and feet and sharing the love and compassion of Christ with those we encounter.

Our mission is to encourage creative thinking to promote significant community growth and development.
Our vision is to see individuals realize their potential to create positive change for themselves, their families, and their communities.
Only through partnering with self-sufficient, empowered individuals and communities can we help achieve real and lasting change in the world. Partnerships are at the basis of all we do as an organization whether through connecting individuals, communities, businesses, or other groups.


jackA man of tremendous conviction and amazing passion, Pastor Jack Mila is our African leader and one who has a true vision for his people. Jack is Director of our Kenyan operations, and is an invaluable resource for working in African communities. Son of an orphan, Jack has a true heart for all orphans and adopted five of his ten children.
Jack and his wife Evelyn live with their family in Kisumu, Kenya.



Sally AboutAs a “partial orphan” from the time she was four, Sally Lunetta and her six siblings were raised solely by her mother…something she later realized was life preparation for serving in Africa. Today, working in support of “brother” Jack Mila, Sally leads the charge in the US as Unboxed Lives’ Managing Director. She also uses her extensive planning, missionary, and travel background to get US team members to Kenya smoothly and seamlessly so they can serve and encourage the people she loves so much.
Sally and her husband Jim live in Auburn, California.


COMMUNITY1 - FULLAt the basis of Unboxed Lives is the ideal that within each community and each individual exists the power to change lives. This includes our international staff and partners, and is why we ask all of our local leadership groups to lead by example. This means they strive to be self-sufficient and do not depend on Unboxed Lives US for their ongoing needs. Using this model we hope they will lead by example and demonstrate that through hard work and continued effort, each person has the power to change their own life while influencing others in a positive way.



We do not identify or represent any particular religion, church, or sect. Unboxed Lives was established by people who believe that through actions and passion, God’s love will be seen, felt and heard by all. Our objective is to be God’s hands and feet as we demonstrate His love and use the skills and talents He has given us to serve in the world.

We work with many different faith and ethnic groups, and with all different kinds of people all over the world. Unboxed Lives does not discriminate against communities or individuals based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other factor.