Team Training

Unboxed Lives’ international teams are made up of people from all over the country. From California to Virginia, Texas to Minnesota, our teams participate in two of Unboxed Lives primary principles – cooperation and partnership – from the moment they begin volunteering. From the start, our teams work together to create the best possible experience through our team training, and in discovering more about each other and our goals.

Our team training includes multiple in-depth conference calls and our comprehensive Team Member Training Guide, designed to allow team members to:

  • Gain understanding and insight on the UBL method, and, what we stand for and believe in
  • Complete the necessary steps for international travel including pre-trip paperwork, immunizations, and team building exercises
  • Become efficient, compassionate team members, able to represent the mission and vision of Unboxed Lives in the field
  • Explore the connection that binds us together while seeking opportunities to serve others at home and abroad after returning to the US

Team conference calls will commence approximately three months prior to the team’s departure from the US.
Team members will be provided with a conference call schedule, and are expected to participate in each call.

On the training calls, a team member will:

  • Meet fellow team members to learn who they’ll be traveling and living with
  • Discuss Unboxed Lives philosophy to fully understand the work, people and projects they will be seeing
  • Learn what UBL training programs do and how they can create positive change
  • Have fun learning more about your team-mates with a discussion on personality traits
  • Walk through the process of being a team on the ground to get comfortable with each other, with serving, and to embrace the idea of living in a foreign environment and culture
  • Learn about the team’s local hosts so stronger friendships and ultimately, long-lasting relationships can be established
  • Review the team’s trip-specific calendar for a better understanding of what the team will be doing, when they’ll do it, and where they’ll be
  • Talk about how to better process all that will be experienced after returning from the trip

Join us soon! It’s never to early to start planning!