03Jul 2017

Wow! Time does fly!

The Unboxed Lives May 2017 team has returned from Kenya with some fantastic memories and an incredible amount of work under their belts. This 3-person team managed to accomplish what most teams do with 7 or 8 people, working tirelessly to serve the people of Western Kenya.
We started by assisting the community with building a home for a young widow with three children who was living in a small mud home with a leaking roof.

Milicent’s old home with leaky roof

Milicent lost her husband last year when he was killed by accident in Nairobi. She was blessed to be brought in by his family and given land to build a home, but she couldn’t afford to build one on her own. Her community stepped in to help, and along with the helping hands of the team and a small financial donation from Unboxed Lives to pay for the carpenter and the roofing materials, Milicent’s home began to take shape.

Milicent and children in front of new home

Team members Trey Alaimo, Jeff Joseph, and team leader Sally Lunetta contributed in varying ways, from lacing sisal leaves to  hold supports together, to applying mud to build and insulate the walls, to simply encouraging the community to come together in support of this young woman.

The leaking roof

The team built a second home for a grandmother caring for her three grandchildren after her son and daughter-in-law passed away. Again, a leaking roof was the main culprit in the home’s demise so we tore off the old one, built a new structure around her old home, and then tore down the old one! We made mud from the old home and used it to build up the new one – recycling at it’s finest!

Preparations for the clinic coming together!

The team spent several days providing medical care and medicines to different communities around Kisumu. Dr. Joseph saw many patients and along with our Kenyan doctor, they treated almost 300 on the first day alone. After moving from the school they’d used as a clinic to the Community Health Concern Medical Clinic that Unboxed Lives started over three years ago, the two doctors saw another (almost) 200 patients. Many of these were small children, most infected with malaria or typhoid, as is so common in this area. Along with the medicines the children took home a variety of gifts – new shoes, socks, diapers, and wipes, too! Their parents were very happy for the extra blessing on these days.

Boys at St. Marks Primary School with their Shoes That Grow!


We visited schools to distribute “The Shoes That Grow” as well as many more of the “pillow-case dresses” our friends from “Helping Hands” at the Calvary Church of Foresthill (CA) made for the girls. They have made well over 1,000 dresses for Unboxed Lives and we are happy to distribute them each time we go.

Through the daily rains and the long car rides to get where we needed to go, the team was always ready for more. After 10 days of tireless efforts, a safari was in line as a reward for all their hard work.
There, they were treated to one of the most beautiful sunrises we’ve ever seen, as well as seeing almost all of the Big 5 (except the illusive leopard). It was a great finish to a wonderful trip!

Gorgeous sunrise on the Mara! Join us in April 2018 to see one for yourself!