Unboxed Training Sessions

Once preliminary data is collected, an Unboxed Training Session will be scheduled. Each training session will be conducted over a two day period where the facilitator will prepare the community to break free from the barriers of poverty.
The different focal points of the session are:

  1. Detailed description of what being an “Unboxed Community” means and why it is of paramount importance for their families
    1. Stresses the idea of being free from dependence on others and taking care of their own
    2. Solidifies the idea of self-sufficiency and power that lies in their hands even when they feel they have nothing
  2. Education surrounding health and basic home life skills and practices with an emphasis on simple changes that can make a huge impact
  3. Concentration on the needs of children, both orphaned and those in families with at least one parent
  4. Discussion and education surrounding family relations with special emphasis on the role of women in the household
  5. Discussion around the role of women in the community and what can be done to empower women – a critical component of any Unboxed Community training
    1. Healthy communities consist of empowered, respected, and capable women
    2. The idea that without the strength and direction of the women, the community may fail
  6. Consensus on what the main areas of need are in the community
    1. What can this Unboxed Community tackle that will make the most impact?
    2. Outcomes or goals for the children, families and community
  7. Mobilization of the community through the formation of project groups

Once the training session has been completed the local UBL leader or their staff will keep in contact with the community and may gather data on an ongoing basis. This coordinator will be responsible for maintaining the connection between the community and UBL, and for introducing additional programs at appropriate times.

What are the desired outcomes for an Unboxed Community?

The main goal for any Unboxed Community is to break down the barriers of poverty, dependance, and disease. An Unboxed Community relies on its own efforts and innovation to create a new and brighter future for each member. It does not wait for others to come and solve the issues that face its people, but comes together to find solutions to those challenges using the resources that are available around them, and possibly working in conjunction with other organizations or groups to achieve their goals.

More specifically the desired outcomes are:

  1. A new understanding that the challenges that face the community can be overcome through cooperation and hard work and not through the dependence on outside sources
  2. The breaking of reliance on the donor culture that exists in the third world
  3. The creation of Unboxed Community Groups that exist to tackle specific challenges that prevent the community from moving forward
  4. Improved health for the community as a whole through better health practices and improved health education
  5. Improved care for vulnerable populations including orphans and other at-risk groups
  6. Equality of all community residents and the respect of each persons valuable contributions to the community as a whole.