What We Do

Our goal as an organization is to assist communities with becoming more vibrant, healthy, and alive – and Unboxed. We do this through our Unboxed Community Training program hosted by our African staff. As leaders in their own villages and towns, these staff members reach out to those in need through our developmental sessions designed to be completely interactive and transparent.
When asked “what does it mean to be Unboxed?”, community members in one village said it meant living without borders, without restrictions placed on them simply because they were poor.
We agree. Our trainers facilitate discussions that demonstrate how every person in the community can become part of the solution to their issues and how they can help their neighbors in ways they never have before.
We are incredibly proud of the work that has been done via Unboxed Lives in so many communities across Kenya.

So….what does an Unboxed Community look like?IMG-20130726-00665

Unboxed communities are made up of empowered individuals who have made the decision to change their lives and the lives of their families and neighbors by participating in The Unboxed Community Training Program. Our Unboxed Communities are self-sufficient and rely on their own resources, power, and skills to create a better world for themselves and their children.

The Unboxed Community Training Program Goals are:

      1. To allow participants to brainstorm, plan, and execute community projects and systems aimed at improving their quality of life and their ability to care for vulnerable populations.
      2. To empower individuals to take responsibility for their own life, the lives of their families, and the  surrounding vulnerable populations in order to create a positive overall change
      3. To bring capable, motivated, and knowledgeable people together to fight poverty and create an environment of community change, support, and action

Unboxed Communities will be models of self-sufficiency and progressive thinking where children are safe and cared for, vulnerable populations are attended to, and the collective health of the community is improved physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What are the pieces of The Unboxed Community Training Program?

The Unboxed Community Traning Program can be broken down into three parts:

      1. Community Preparation
      2. Unboxed Training Session
      3. Continued Community Development

Each of these areas has specific steps designed to create a whole, vibrant, and thriving community from the smallest child to the oldest members. It is through these steps that communities will truly find their new path toward a future free from barriers and limitations that have held them down for too long. 

How is The Training Executed?

It is our belief that the most effective and successful programs are created, implemented, and maintained by leaders in the communities in which we serve. This is why this program was created in conjunction with in-country leaders and continues to be improved by those who use it. Unboxed Lives directors and volunteers on the ground in Kenya seek out communities where this program will make the most impact and have the most lasting opportunity to create change. Our successes lead to word-of-mouth referrals and requests, and our Kenyan staff responds accordingly.

There are few principles on which the Unboxed Community Training Program stands:

      • Those living and serving on the ground know best what is needed in their own community
      • No aspect of any program is implemented without the review of local leadership
      • Success of this method will depend on the determination and hard work of those for whom it is created
      • Real change can only come from those empowered to make choices for a better life
      • Unboxed Lives serves as a partner  and advocate in support of and in cooperation with local leaders and community volunteers

Behind these principles the Program can bring communities out of the darkness of poverty and dependence and into a new, brighter future filled with the promise of self-sufficiency and continued economic improvement.