17Oct 2013

On the heels of Community Health Concern’s grand opening free medical clinic, we are getting the latest from Jack about what is happening in the clinic and what is still to be done. We wanted to share a letter directly from Jack on the status and let you hear from him how this amazing resource will benefit the community and who it will be serving.

Your continued support is what is going to make all of this possible. You can always go to our Donate page and make a pledge towards sustaining this clinic for the first year. With your partnership Jack and his team can literally save hundreds of lives and give the community in Nyalenda and Kisumu as a whole the boost they need to begin tackling the issues that they face. Thank you for your support and continued partnership with Unboxed Lives and Community Health Concern.

From Jack Mila:

Hello Partners

Hope you are fine and doing good, I want to register my sincere thanks to all of you for working very hard towards establishing the Community Health Concern, Medical Clinic. Without your combined effort all of this could have not been in place. I am really grateful, this is a realization of unity and how much we can achieve together.

The Clinic was officially opened on 10/5/2013 with a free medical clinic conducted in its premises. It was such a joy to see the 380 people comprised of children, youths, women and men being treated free of charge. The clinic is located in Nyalenda slum, most of the residents in this slum are poor and majority cannot even afford to pay for their medical expenses. I have witnessed children dying of Malaria just because the parents are unable to afford malaria tablets which cost only Ks 40, that is a half a dollar.

Nyalenda has a population of 96,000 people, the majority being jobless while those who have jobs are earning less than a dollar per day. The Death rate is very high due to Typhoid, Malaria, and diseases related to HIV/AIDS. Most of the deaths in this slum can be avoided if there was a clinic like the one we have established.W e intend to hold free medical clinics as a way of fighting the mentioned diseases and to avoid unnecessary deaths. We also intend to hold health trainings, as well as providing people with mosquito nets as a way of fighting malaria.

Right now the challenge we have ahead of us is how we will be paying our staffs and maintaining the clinic on a monthly basis. We will need $1800 per month to pay the staffs and monthly expenses, I do trust God for all these.

I believe most of you of heard what happens with our doctor. He was arrested because we did not register the Pharmacy during the free medical clinic. In fact the issue caught me with surprise because the Health Ministry Official did not advise me on that. I was not told that I needed to register clinic, pharmacy and laboratory separately. I registered the clinic then I thought that all is done. The doctor was charged with three counts of charges after spending a night in a prison, I had to pay a fine of Ks125,000 ($1,560) for his release. The issue is resolved now and we move on to getting the proper registrations.

Anyway at the moment we need now to get the registration of the Pharmacy and laboratory. Pharmacy registration is Ks76,000 including inspection fee while lab is Ks 82,000 including inspection. The total cost is Ks 158,000 ($1975). This is a lot of money but we need to trust God more, both registrations are done in Nairobi. I totally remain in prayer. Your partnership and support can help make this happen. Thank you for all you have done and will do.

-Jack Mila