30Dec 2015

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It has been a successful 2.5 years since the birth of Unboxed Lives (UBL) and we are excited to introduce our first electronic newsletter! Moving forward, we hope to keep our supporters updated on all our progress and the impact you are making through your time and donations.

Before we delve in, we would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you. Starting a non-governmental organization is no small feat and we definitely would not be where we are today without you, so from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Have a fantastic 2015!

The Latest Unboxed News

UBL Annual Fundraiser
Unboxed Lives’ 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner was held in Auburn, California (location of UBL corporate office) on September 20th, 2014. With nearly 100 people in attendance, the night was filled with lively music from local band Fourth Week Up, dinner 2014entertainment from Board Member and the night’s Master of Ceremonies, Craig Kelley, great food, and tasty libations.
Together we raised just over $8000 from the silent auction and donations. In addition, we gained monthly donors that have committed to working towards community growth and development in Kenya. We appreciate all our volunteers who devoted their time and the companies who donated auction items. Thank you all for your help in making our evening a great success!

November 2014 Kenya Team
In November 2014, four women from California joined Unboxed Lives US Director Sally Lunetta for an unbelievable experience working with our partner communities in Western Kenya. During their two weeks, the team witnessed a community training session lead by Kenyan UBL Director, Jack Mila, worked hand in hand with Kenyans to build three homes for widows, and assisted local doctors and nurses in two medical camps sponsored by UBL that served over 500 underprivileged individuals.2014 October team

Our team trips offer hands-on experiences and community engagement that leads to a direct, positive impact on both the U.S. team members and Kenyan communities.
If you are interested in joining UBL for a rewarding two weeks in Kenya in 2015, please contact us at info@unboxedlives.com.

UBL Community Health Concern Medical Center
In the early months of 2014, the laboratory and pharmacy in the clinic were registered with the Kenyan government. To our surprise, the facility was deemed worthy to operate as a “Medical Center,” surpassing the “clinic” classification we originally sought. From this upgrade, we are able to provide more services to our patients (including dental work), which we hope will continue to improve health conditions within the Nyalenda and Kisumu communities.
clinicWe are currently working towards funding a laboratory technician and pharmacist for the clinic. Once this is achieved, the clinic will be able to generate income and progress towards becoming financially independent.

If you would like to join in funding accessible health care, please consider a monthly donation for the next year to support our efforts in filling these clinic positions. Simply go to the “Donate” page on our website or email us at info@unboxedlives.com to set up monthly giving.

Working in Communities
Since July 2012, we have successfully partnered with four communities in Kenya: Nyahera Community (2 years), Ilungu Community (1 year), Obaga Community (1 year), and Kokise community (2 months). Each community has a common mission to work towards economic growth and development through initiating self-sustainable programs and projects that enrich the lives of themselves and their entire community. This mission will in turn help individuals realize their potential to create change for community pic 2014themselves, their families and their community members and to ensure that every vulnerable community member is loved and cared for. Projects and programs include building homes for widows, selling stove liners, jewelry, or baskets to generate income, and breeding hybrid goats to provide community members food, milk, and income.
In the coming year, our goal is to gain (8) new community partnerships, so we will need your help. Each community training (the first and most crucial event) costs $300-500 (depending on community size and location) and depends on the attendance and participation of the community members. If you are interested in donating to new community trainings, please visit our donation webpage and note “training” in the comment box on your donation. In the near future, we will be adding a page to our website that will detail the projects and programs of each community… stay tuned!

We have set a secondary goal to build two homes each month for widows and their children in the most impoverished areas we work. Each new building costs $600 for Unboxed Lives’ portion of the materials. The partner community covers the rest. Your support will be greatly appreciated (note “new homes” in comment field on your donation).

Here are other ways you can help UBL:
1. IGIVE – www.igive.com
Choose Unboxed Lives as your non-profit of choice and a percentage of your online purchases at participating retialers will be donated to UBL at no cost to you!
2. SMILE.AMAZON – www.smile.amazon.com
A percentage of any qualifying purchase you make on smile.amazon will be donated to UBL at no additional cost to you.
3. Nerium International – www.unboxedlives.nerium.com
Purchase skin products from the company leading the way in the skin care industry and UBL will receive a donation
4. Donate directly to Unboxed Lives – www.unboxedlives.com
All donations are tax deductible. Whether you donate once or donate monthly, rest assured that every penny donated will go directly to support the project work in UBL affiliated communities in Kenya
We are so proud of what we have accomplished in the last two years. There is still much work to be done and we are excited for what the new year will bring and how God will lead us. Thank you for being an instrumental part of our lives and the lives of so many brothers and sisters in Kenya.

Sally Lunetta and Kathy Lee

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